Knitting machine company has additionally extended its range of four

The central machine unit have been fitted with an optimised weft chain on both sides, and its operating functions are already improved using what Knitting machine company comes from as sophisticated technology. One of the latest innovations on the Wefttronic is that the weft insertion system has been completely revised.

Knitting machine company has additionally extended its range of four-bar tricot machines with the polyester terry goods market when using the reed binding machine addition of a further product designated the TM 4-T.

The possibility of adjusting the distance between the knock-over comb night clubs between 2 and 12 mm now offers an additional advantage in the version built with electronic guide bar control. Wefttronic is the name given to somewhat of a new machine platform, with which Knitting machine provider has revised and improved its weft-insertion machines with regard to their width and square metre generation rate.

The first machine featuring the following completely revamped machine concept is the Wefttronic RS 2 and compared to its predecessor, it has been equipped with a variety of new technical innovations.

The lengthwise repeat is supposedly virtually unlimited. Manufacturers of shoe fabrics are reportedly particularly interested in the extended patterning possibilities in the RD 7/2-12, as well as its high amount of efficiency.