The section is knitted by just a cam system knitting a warp area

The first position of the device may be adjusted by changing the angle with the driving cylinder, or by this method of the servo motor, and the servo motor with a brake can be used for controlling the accurate traverse moving with the guide bars.

The section (4) is knitted by just a cam system knitting a warp area or a cam system stamp collecting a weft section. A fabric knitting method including a design device in a weft knitting machine able to inserting a warp in which knitting efficiency can be enhanced by decreasing may be traveling courses of a carriage required for knitting such a fabric that at least one side of a warp segment become a weft section.

Similarly, a yarn feeder used water jet reed for knitting a bit (4) is made to retreat if a warp is fed and recast before knitting is started. Since a yarn feeder applied for knitting the section (2) enters warp sections (5, 3), it truly is made to retreat to the section (2) side no less than when the next warp is fed and reset with the retreat position before knitting in the section (2) is started by next leftward traveling of that carriage.

Warp sections (5, 3, 6) are knitted by the rightward traveling of a carriage and also a weft section (2) on any knitting width starting side is knitted with a cam system following that cam method. Knitting machine manufacturer Karl Mayer includes revamped and refined its current version in the HKS 2-3E with CFP components that have been operating at the high pace of 4000rpm, presenting the new HKS 2-SE that ‘broke the record’ with the ShanghaiTex trade fair that developed in June

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