Customers can order the HKS 3-M factory fitted with the pile mechanism

Your lightweight, highly stable, temperature-resistant material has warp knitting machine manufacturers enabled this production speed to be increased by as much as 35% compared with the machine’s forerunners, even at a working wider of 218 inches and around fine gauges.

By using CFRP in this pile bar, rotational speeds of up to 2000 rpm can be achieved, depending on the width and also gauge and machine performance is increased by up to 25% when producing pile fabric.

Customers can order the HKS 3-M factory fitted with the pile mechanism or in a configuration which will allow the pile mechanism to be retrofitted at a later date.

One hundred and fifty HKS A FEW machines fitted with CFRP bars have been sold since the series went into mass production. The leading German company shows that often there is room for improvement, even together with high-performance machines, by extending the HKS 3-M to incorporate a completely revised pile mechanism. Knitting machine company says that the pile option will be out there from January 2009, which increase the appeal and number of end-uses from the high-speed machine.

The main factor of the mechanism is your pile sinker bar, which is now made from carbon fibre strengthened plastic (CFRP). The new HKS 3-M offers a high level of stability plus production reliability and the advantages are the effect of the lower weight, as well for the reason that low thermal expansion of your CFRP bars..

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