Warp supports from elastane and deliver a great level

“At a speed of approximately 740 courses per minute and also a working width of 138″, the RDJ 5/1 can produce the fabric for as long as 150 pairs of shoes per hour – a lot more than can be produced by circular weft knitting machines, not forgetting flat weft knitting machines. Compound needle with sinker, pointed hook needle with closing insert, latch needle, Patent needle and bearded needle. “

This chiseled, hardwearing, double-layered fabric not only carries a modern look with a considerable number of different designs, it can furthermore be produced extremely efficiently, ” the corporation explains. ”

The DSE HH plus the DSE 21/21 EC produce warp supports from elastane and deliver a great level of performance, according into the company. Our company group will always concentrate on the production regarding and research into top-quality polyamide along with spandex, as well as high-end products to put us at the forefront of healthy development while in the sector, ” says Mei Zhen,

This company’s binding wire manufacturers portfolio includes through 800 active and powerful sharp needles and system parts for creation warp-knitted fabrics..That principle enables the knitted browse be produced in bright colours adequate precise design features – to create a shoe from a solo piece. ” Groz-Beckert, the class leading provider of industrial machine fine needles, presents its latest additions to the range for warp knitting appliance equipment, including modules for used tricot machines

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